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Allegations of Abuse — Demi Wetzel

I would rather wipe a stranger’s bile from their mouth with my own collar,

jump off a high story building knowing the fall wouldn’t kill me

but severely injure me for life,

remove one tooth per day with dull tools and bare hands,

scrape out my entire cervix with a butter knife,

sit next to the obviously drunken person on the bus,

rub my body with stinging nettles before they’re blanched,

roll myself into a large area rug soaked in cat urine,

remove my brain from the body through the nose like Hatshepsut,

walk backwards through a swamp at dusk,

stand in the path of a hurricane as it reaches land,

get a job at the local Department of Motor Vehicles,

continuously miss my flight at Gatwick,

paint every wall red before painting it white,

or listen to Slipknot on repeat for the rest of my life

than hear about one more powerful man

who couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

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